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New York - Dec. 21, 2009

Circadian Skizm have released "With Progress Consequence", a single featuring artwork, photos, lyrics and a previously unreleased track, entitled "Extinction of Mankind" Since forming in 2007, Circadian Skizm has been featured on XM Liquid Metal, Jango Internet Radio, WNYU FM, The Metal Cyndicate, and appeared live with Deicide in New York in 2009.

"a brutal barrage of progressively inclined extreme metal"
Gears of Rock

"Most cuts deal with some aspect of pain or death, but it's not all fun and games."
New Haven Advocate

Track listing:
"With Progress Consequence"
"Formation" (live)
"Killing Circus" (live)
"Extinction of Mankind" (previously unreleased)

You can purchase a compact disc for $5.00 (shipping included within the U.S.)Your support is appreciated.

You may download a copy of this release at

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Published 2009 Chaotic Ensemble Music (ASCAP)

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